Aldy Shah On

English...English...English... Ouch!  did this language hard to learn??
I think its easy to learn but hard to speaks, hak23.. tul tak??, so worried
coz everyday im always think and think , did my spelling in english difahami 
semua orang?? my malay pown sometimes tersasul n sound like ganung words.
owh God, i hope will speaks eng with berani nyer without wrong sounds, haha.

Korang paham ker?? that great, but why suddenly i writing entry with english??
because today is the first quiz for English paper.. Owh, quiet easy gark lorh.
And becoz start this November i will go for my L.I (Trainning Industry) around 5
month. Huhu, berdebar-debar lorh. very afraid becoz my english not good yet. so 
starting today, tomorrow and maybe forever im must prepared myself  to speak Eng.

Okeyp, story about English first quiz, i think its quiet funny gark lorh coz last minute
i start to study, 30 minute before quizes!! owh, what happen to me hah?? before this 
berazam nak jadik better than sem lepas, huhu,, but apa yang dirancang belum 
terlaksana lagik. well, my frens sekalian, help me to improve my english vocabulary.
I need your help, huhu, lets begin speak, think and do it the thing in english.

P/S:: Kadang-kadang tersasul bunyi G kat belakang ble aku speak, heran 
          lah, aku tak reti pown speak loghat Terengganu, sikit tue ada larh.